Be a Businessperson AND a Doctor

Owning a business is a full-time job and so is being a doctor. Many doctors who own their own private practices make the mistake of only being one or the other. If you’re too focused on running the business it’s easy to miss out on making sure you provide the best possible treatment to your patients. And if you’re too focused on being a doctor you might not be for very long if you can’t keep the business in the black.


Running a successful medical practice requires you to be a doctor and a businessperson. It’s important to find the appropriate mix and maintain it.

Embrace Technology
If you expect to find success in a healthcare marketplace that’s changing as fast as this one is, you’re going to need to be more tech-savvy and accept that technology will help you keep up. With all the increasing pressures on your practice it’s going to be impossible to continue to do things the same way and still expect it to be profitable. 

As frustrating as it can be at times, technology is the only path to staying ahead of your practice in today’s environment. 

View Patients as Customers
When’s the last time you had a bad experience as a customer at a place of business and continued going back? It’s probably been a long time and your patients are no different. If you want to grow your practice you need to retain the patients you have and get referrals from them and the only way to do that is to deliver an outstanding patient/customer experience. 

Look at all the interactions you have with your clients, from scheduling to visiting the office to insurance claims, phone calls and more and think about how each of those touches could be used to improve your patients’ experience. 

Not only will your patients appreciate a better experience with your practice, they’ll also visit you more and be healthier because of it!

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