At Professional Insurance Plans, our success comes from our time in the industry, as well as our involvement with physicians. We continually participate in annual conventions, component society meetings, and sponsorship of risk management seminars. It is very important to provide education on how to avoid costly claims specific to your profession.

Professional Liability / Corporate Professional Liability

Professional Liability will protect and represent you if a malpractice claim is filed.  Occurrence or Claims-Made policies with limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 to $5,000,000/$7,000,000 are available.  It can cover just you, or it can also cover your corporation.

What is the difference between occurrence and claims-made policies?

Occurrence coverage responds to a claim based on when the treatment occurred, regardless of when the claim is actually made against you.  As long as the incident occurred during the policy period, your occurrence policy will respond according to the terms and conditions of the policy- even if the claim is made after the policy period expires.

Claims-Made coverage, by contrast, responds to claims based on when the claim is first made against the insured.  You must have a policy or an extension contract (tail)  in effect when a claim is filed regardless of when the incident actually occurred.

Click this link for more information on claims-made vs. occurrence.

Discounts & Credits:

  • Loss free credits available
  • Part-time credits available
  • New-to-practice discounts available
  • Moonlighting credits during the residency program
  • Risk Management credit available upon completion of an educational program, available through seminars, home study, or online programs

MD/Oral Surgeons

We have coverage specifically for you with the OMS Preferred program that offers very reasonable prices with the choice between occurrence and claims-made coverage.  OMS Preferred offers leading insurance coverage uniquely designed for oral and maxillofacial surgeons- underwritten by MedPro Group. Click here for more information