Have you ever thought about the staff you have in the office? If there is a lot of foot traffic one day and your employees aren’t prepared for potential hazards, this could result in an injury or accident. Inexperienced dentists can be trained to deal with emergencies, but it is easier to have people that know exactly what they are doing. Therefore, attracting and hiring the right kind of talent to your dental practice can help everyone remain safety and health conscious.
How can you find the best of the best? Everyone is looking for a job now a days, but the demand may be slim for your field of work. In order to find diligent, knowledgeable dentists, you must market your practice correctly. Here are some tips on how to make your dentist office stand out above the rest to potential employees:

Can attracting a Talented Dentist reduce a Workplace Accident?
  • Have your support staff give presentations at local schools, dental societies, and professional dental organizations to advocate for your office.
  • Set up a booth at the local job fair geared specifically towards dental students and professionals.
  • Develop partnerships with local vocational schools to establish internships and entry-level positions for promising students.
  • Use social media and online job boards to promote your practice.
  • After asking current employees to refer friends and colleagues to your dentist office, reward them when you successfully hire someone.
  • Create a comprehensive benefits package for your employees.
  • Develop a positive company culture to attract and retain staff.
  • Create an interview format to deliver the best chance of finding talent.

At Professional Insurance Plans, we hope these tips help you find the top dental talent in your area! Once you have a strong team, you can work to reduce workplace injuries and accidents to create a safer environment for all. Although mishaps may not be totally avoidable, the costs associated can be covered with workers compensation from us. We can design a policy specifically to protect both you and your employees from financial devastation. Our agents are here to answer all of your questions about your unique needs.