Some patients that come through your door have serious problems with their teeth. Whether your dentists conduct oral surgery, fill cavities, or perform a teeth whitening procedure, it is important for them to stay safe on the job. Although priority is placed on the patient’s wellbeing and safety, your employees should be aware of the risks they could face as well.
Some operations you may conduct over your career are forgettable, while others may be life changing. This was the case for one oral surgeon in Pennsylvania. He helped a woman essentially regain her ability to talk, eat, and swallow food. Before the procedure, the patient was dealing with oral cancer, causing her to lose all of her teeth. In addition, she had reconstructive surgery which failed. She was desperate for an artificial mouth plate to give her new teeth, but felt like she was at a dead end. That was until Peter Famiglio stepped in.

, Don’t let Painful Procedures hurt your Dentists
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Dr. Famiglio and his staff decided to help this patient and were able to raise $5,000 worth of materials from a local dental lab to conduct the procedure. After the surgery was conducted, there were tears of joy all around. In addition, the patient is now in recovery, and her next goal is to be able to talk to her children, who she hasn’t spoken to in over a year.
This inspiring story shows how important your services are to the community. At Professional Plans Insurance, we appreciate everything your dental practice does for patients with different needs. Have you ever thought about the needs of your employees? While you never want a workplace injury or accident to occur, you never know if or when it could happen. To cover all of your bases, you need workers compensation from us. We can design a policy to protect both you and your employees from financial devastation. Our agents are here to answer all of your questions and have plenty of experience working with those in the dental industry.