Deciding on the best insurance for a start-up can be difficult – there are a ton of policies and packages out there, but what do you really need?

It can be easy to become overwhelmed, thinking you need every policy under the sun. However, that really isn’t the case.

We’re not saying you don’t need insurance because you definitely do, but you should start off small and add more policies when you need them.

So, this blog post will highlight the best insurance for a start-up, what you need, and what you should consider investing in.

What insurance do you need for a start-up?

At the very least, you should invest in general liability insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage against property damage, illness, injury claims, and other commercial liabilities. 

For example, if someone is to sustain an injury while at work and decides to sue you, it won’t force you out of business due to expensive court fees.

Furthermore, if you’re working with a team, whether that’s two or twenty people, you should consider investing in workers’ compensation insurance

This insurance for a start-up provides a portion of wage replacement, various medical benefits, and other aid if an employee is to become sick on the job.

A few other insurance types you should consider 

Although remote working and remote teams are becoming more mainstream, many start-ups still choose to get an office space and work together in person.

If this applies to your business, business property insurance is also a good investment, protecting you against damages or loss. For example, this could include resources damaged by fire or floods or even stolen equipment, such as laptops.

The business owner’s insurance package

Finding insurance for a start-up can be confusing, but we’re here to make things a whole lot simpler. 

The business owner’s insurance package is designed to get your business insured and up and running quickly without breaking the bank.

This insurance package includes property insurance, vehicle coverage, liability, business interruption, and other policies specifically designed for business owners.

Eliminate the hassle of searching for insurance types, and spend more time on what matters: growing your business!