You’ve likely heard the phrase “malpractice” before. The official definition, according to the Oxford dictionary is as follows: “improper, illegal, or negligent professional behavior.” Malpractice liability insurance is used by various healthcare professionals, including dentists, physios, and neurosurgeons. 

Malpractice liability also includes accidents at work. For example, if you’re a dentist and slip, causing pain to a patient, the patient may file a malpractice case against you and your dental practice. If this or similar scenarios are to happen, malpractice insurance covers associated financial costs, e.g., legal costs and fees, medical damages, and other punitive damages. 

This article will discuss who malpractice liability insurance is for, demonstrating various scenarios to provide you with a greater understanding of this type of insurance. 

Doctors & surgeons 

Aside from performing surgeries, doctors and surgeons also provide advice to their patients. If this advice results in physical harm, as a result of negligence, then a malpractice case may be filled. For this reason, doctors and surgeons must stay be up to date on the latest advice and practices, offering facts and solid scientific evidence to their patients, as opposed to opinions.

Similarly, suppose a surgeon is performing surgery and an accident occurs, including the death of a patient due to an accident or act of negligence, the family or individual may open up a case.


Aside from physical massages and recovery techniques, the main part of a physios job is providing advice to their patients on recovery. However, if the advice provided is inaccurate, false, or perhaps leads to further injury, this may trigger a malpractice case.

It’s important to remember that accidents do happen, despite our best efforts to mitigate these. However, being prepared for the worst is a stance many should take – protecting themselves and their practice from serious financial trouble should an accident occur.

Other medical professions 

There are many more medical professions who should consider purchasing malpractice liability insurance. It’s not about doubting your ability, it’s about protecting yourself and your practice should an incident occur – fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

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