There are countless myths surrounding medical malpractice. Besides, it is a hot topic in the U.S and one that continues to gain attention. 

So, with the spotlight shining down on healthcare services, we thought we’d debunk a few myths.

This article will highlight a few scenarios followed up with realities, allowing you to gain a better understanding of medical malpractice and the struggles people face.

Most medical malpractice claims are solely for money 

Many people think that the majority of malpractice claims are solely for the money. However, this is actually not true!

While some people try to abuse the system, a large percentage of cases are real and legitimate. Usually, cases are either an individual seeking compensation for themselves, or a loved one or family member doing so on their behalf.

Physicians or other medical staff will go bankrupt due to one medical malpractice claim

This is not true, either! Most physicians and medical staff have insurance policies to prevent this from happening.

However, if they do not have the correct insurances, then this would be entirely possible.

Malpractice errors do not happen very often

Unfortunately, this is not true – medical malpractice is common in the United States. 

Many medical errors and malpractice instances occur every year, with thousands of Americans filing malpractice cases.

This is a combination of a lack of care paired with genuine mistakes. The latter is difficult to be prevented, however.

Believe us; virtually no medical professional wants to cause harm to a patient.

A medical malpractice lawyer is too expensive

A lot of people seem to think that medical malpractice lawyers are too expensive to represent their case. However, this is not true!

Usually, this type of lawyer is only paid if the case is successful – then receiving a cut of the payout.

Some lawyers also get paid for the entire case, so it’s important to discuss payment with your lawyer beforehand.

Doctors and other medical staff cannot get insurance as it’s too expensive

This is false! Malpractice insurance is more affordable than ever, allowing healthcare professionals to practice what they love with less risk involved.

If you are a healthcare professional, protecting yourself with medical malpractice insurance is crucial.

While you may not intend for a patient to become sick or to inflict harm on a patient, accidents do happen. So, it’s best to cover for them, as upsetting as this may be.