Medicare is a form of health insurance targeted for those aged sixty-five or over, younger people with particular disabilities, and people with end-stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure). 

As you may already know, there are three main parts of Medicare: A, B, and D. Part A covers inpatient hospital stays and partial home health care. Part B covers outpatient care, medical supplies, doctors’ services (not all of these), and various preventive measures. Finally, part D covers the costs of prescription drugs, shots, and vaccines. 

If undergoing frequent hospital visits, are suffering from a long-term condition, perhaps due to age, then Medicare is the insurance for you. Without Medicare insurance in place, the cost of medical expenses and general care would accumulate quickly, generating an expensive bill. This bill may place a burden on an individual, couple, or loved ones. 

Medicare insurance is customizable

When choosing Medicare, you have options regarding your coverage. For example, you can choose between original Medicare and an advantage package. The advantage package offers various benefits that original Medicare does not include, for example, vision, dental, hearing, and further developing conditions. 

Medicare advantage packs are offered mainly by private companies. However, for some adults or young people, these packages provide greater value for money, covering other components directly applicable to them (vision, dental, etc.). 

Those suffering from a long-term condition 

This type of insurance is best for those suffering from a long-term condition, requiring frequent hospital visits, prescription drugs, care, and regular assessment. It’s important to note that Medicare insurance is not for everyone; however, it is a great type of insurance for those who constantly find themselves in pain, require constant checkups, or rack up an expensive cocktail of prescription medication. 

Other types of insurance may be more applicable to your situation, for example, disability insurance or long-term care insurance. Long-term care insurance is more applicable to those who can no longer perform basic tasks alone, e.g., walking up the stairs, bathing, using the bathroom, and cooking.  

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