When managing a dentist office, there are many different risks you should be aware of. These hazards potentially could not only involve your patients, but your employees as well. Maintaining a clean office space should be priority if you want to prevent accidents and injuries on the job. Your patients trust you to provide them with professional service, and one way this can be achieved is by promoting a safe environment for your staff.

Promoting a Clean Environment in Your Dentist Office

Here are some steps you can take so your dentist office remains a clean and healthy place for all:

  • Dental treatment involves contact with blood and spit. That means your employees are at risk of diseases passing from patient to patient and to themselves. Having gloves or a masks available as well as eyewear and gowns can help reduce such infections.
  • Tools are used frequently in the dentist office and in different mouths. Making sure equipment is only used once and then thrown away or sterilizing ones that are reused can prevent diseases from spreading.
  • In addition to wearing gloves, dentists should always wash their hands and use a hand sanitizer before and after treatment, before putting on gloves or changing gloves, and after touching something that isn’t sterile.
  • Give your employees access to hazard information. This can include a written hazard communication program, a list of hazardous chemicals used or stored in the office, and an employee training .

At Professional Insurance Plans, we hope these tips help you maintain a workplace that can be injury and illness free. Promoting cleanliness can benefit the operations of your dentistry as well as the customers that come in for treatments. It is important to keep in mind that while employee injuries and accidents onsite may not always be 100% avoidable, the costs associated can be covered with workers compensation. Safeguarding both you and your employees from financial devastation with this plan can be the difference between remaining open and closing down your practice. Our agents are here to answer all of your questions to meet your specific needs.