Chances are, you’ve heard of life insurance before. This type of insurance, also sometimes referred to as “death cover,” pays out a sum of money to the deceased family or loved ones in the event of their passing.

Many people choose not to purchase death insurance as they are not financially dependable on others; for instance, don’t have any children or close family members. On the other hand, others may be the sole provider of income for their family. In this scenario, life insurance is recommended, protecting those you love most in the event of passing.

This article will discuss more on death cover, precisely how easy it is to actually purchase this.

Who can purchase life insurance?

Before discussing how to acquire death insurance, we first need to discuss who can purchase this. Anyone can buy life insurance; however, the cost of this is dictated by any current health conditions, line of work, and age. The older you are, the more death cover costs. This is because you are more likely to pick up a deadly illness, to fall or trip, and generally have less time left.

Purchasing life insurance is easy!

When you choose Professional Plans for your death cover needs, purchasing it is easy. However, you will first need to read up on the different life insurance types (e.g., term life insurance, whole insurance, and universal death cover) to know what exactly it is your purchasing. 

Once you know which package you’d like, you can contact the Professional Plans team to request a quote, filling in details such as your name, date of birth, and intended policy start date. From here, we will contact you with any additional information we need to know, later providing you a quote to get your policy set up.

Request a quote today

So, if you’re ready to purchase life insurance, protecting your loved ones in the event of a tragic accident, click here. Be sure to read up on the different packages available and request a quote – we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.