The vision of your patients comes first as an optometrist. This is why conducting a careful eyesight examination is important not only to build trust in your practice, but also to provide the most accurate results for your clients when it comes to their health.

It is important to train your employees on the basics of conducting an eye exam. Although it may sound simple, missing or messing up a step could cost a patient their vision. Don’t let this happen. Here are some tips to follow to give a proper eye examination:

Put your Patients first by conducting a safe Eye Exam
  • Explain to the patient why regular vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care.
  • Make sure the room that the exam is conducted in is well lit, but not enough to distract from the viewer’s normal eyesight. In addition, limit the amount of movement in the room.
  • Have the patient stand 20 feet away from the Snellen eye chart and ask him/her to cover one eye.
  • The patient should begin by reading the top line of the eye chart and then move on to the line underneath and continue. Record the letters as the patient reads them.
  • Have the eye health history of the patient with you to help determine any symptoms or problems that may be affecting vision.
  • When conducting an external examination of the eye, evaluate the cornea, eyelids, conjunctiva, and surrounding eye tissue.
  • Exam the lens and retina through a slit-lamp, but make sure the light is on the lowest setting.

At Professional Insurance Plans, we hope these tips help you run a safe operation. Your patients should be able to trust your services. Eyesight could possibly be one of the most vulnerable senses to deal with, so being careful when conducting an eye exam is very important. The last thing you want is a lawsuit. If you fear this could happen, you may need professional liability insurance from us. In addition, you are required to have this proof of coverage in order to get paid for your work. We have dealt with nearly every type of malpractice insurance claim imaginable. Let us guide you through this process so you may find peace of mind.