Whether you are a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor, your main goal is to gain new patients and retain your current ones. As you schedule different consultations and fill in a vacancy here and there, you should think about how exactly you support new patients as they enter your practice. Finding ways to welcome each and every person who walks through the door in a friendly, honest, and warm manner can go a long way.
Do you want to be the medical office known for turning new patients away? Or for having terrible customer service? No one does. This is why you need to make an effort to help new patients feel comfortable with your practice. Here are some tips you can follow to implement a strategy to do so:

, Support New Patients by making them feel Welcome
  • When a new patient calls in, make sure you are fully present with them so you can meet their needs. Being distracted on this sort of call can be a turn off to a person looking for a primary doctor.
  • To prevent no show new patients, make sure you gather all the information necessary to confirm the appointment. Also let them know appointment and cancellation policies.
  • Make a great first impression on your new patients by creating an environment in which your practice reflects a caring group of professionals.
  • Make sure receptionists are very welcoming when someone comes to your practice for the first time. This is the first person they will see when walking into the door.
  • Pay attention to patient satisfaction, especially in the waiting room. Alert them when a doctor is running behind, apologize for inconvenience, and continual update the person. This goes a long way.
  • Set up a practice that is always welcoming and comfortable for people of all ages.
  • Use social media and other online communication systems to connect with old and new patients. This can help them take control of their health instead of being in the dark.

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