Although this is not required in all states in the U.S, every dentist should have dentist liability insurance. If a patient sues, dentist liability insurance protects you from the litigation process, covering legal fees and battles in and out of the courtroom. 

You may be wondering: if dentist liability insurance is not required, do I really need to purchase it? The answer is yes, don’t neglect the importance of this. With litigation on the rise in regards to dental and healthcare practice, you don’t want to be caught on the wrong end of the stick. As a dentist, you try your best to keep your patients safe at all times, that’s a given. However, various unforeseen scenarios may occur, for example:

  • A patient trips and falls, hurting themselves.
  • You provide advice to a patient; however, this causes physical or mental harm. 
  • A patient cuts themselves on a sharp object that was misplaced.

The potential scenarios are endless, all of which are mistakes, and most of which are unforeseen. You can plan for various scenarios, but every so often, one may slip through the net that is out of your control. 

If this is to happen, the litigation process can be expensive. If you do not have liability insurance, this may place a financial burden on your practice, or worst case, you and your family’s livelihood. 

However, with dentist liability insurance in place, all legal fees are covered by the insurance. This removes the element of risk, protecting you in the worst-case scenario if it comes to it. 

Dentist liability insurance

As mentioned previously, in some states in America, dentist liability insurance is mandatory. However, in others, it is not required by law. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend purchasing this type of insurance, saving you, in the long run, should any physical or mental harm occur to a patient under your supervision. 

If you own a dental firm, you may want to look into corporate insurance as well. To find out more about the Professional Insurance Plans dentist liability insurance package, click here