Dental liability insurance is not required by law in most states across the U.S. However, without liability insurance, if you are to face legal battles or other legal action, then you are likely to encounter expensive fees and other costs without financial support or protection.

As you can imagine, without financial support available, you will have to pay these associated costs yourself or as a business. This can be expensive, not only jeopardizing your growth, but perhaps even putting you out of business for good. For this reason, we recommend all healthcare professionals and dentists invest in liability insurance.

This blog post will discuss more on dental liability insurance, including what it is, and why you should purchase it. 

What exactly is it though?

As a healthcare professional, you deal with a great amount of responsibility. For example, this not only includes diagnosing patients, but also performing surgery and procedures. Occasionally, things go wrong and cannot be avoided. It is in these instances that dental liability insurance can help protect you and your business.

However, it’s not only your work as a dentist that may trigger legal action. If a patient is to trip, fall, cut themselves, or cause any harm as a result of your business, facility, or advice, then you may also face some form of legal action.

As previously mentioned, dental insurance covers the costs of legal and other professional fees, protecting your business, and ensuring one mistake (or maybe it wasn’t even a mistake), does not put you out of business, preventing you from practicing the one thing you’ve been training your whole life for. 

Where can you purchase dental liability insurance?

Dental liability insurance can be purchased from many, many different insurance providers across the states. At Professional Plans, we also offer our very own healthcare and dental liability insurance plan, protecting you and your firm when you need it the most.

If you would like to view our plan, including costs, what it entails, and more, then please click here.