When you think of disability insurance, you naturally think of those unable to work due to a disability. However, what you likely didn’t know is that disability insurance is not for the disabled; it’s for those who aren’t. 

Instead, disability insurance is designed to protect people from becoming disabled, unable to look after themselves or their families financially due to a disability. Far too often, many people sweep the topic under the rug, exchanging statements such as, “it won’t happen to me; I’m healthy.” However, if there’s one thing in life we can all agree on, it’s that unexpected things happen all of the time.

This article will discuss why you should invest in disability insurance immediately, even if you don’t have any signs of disability. 

Avoid severe financial trouble 

If you pick up a disability at any age, especially in your 50s or 60s, finding a job may be difficult. You may be left unable to do your regular job, finding yourself sat at home with no income. This is troublesome for many reasons, but with no income and no means of work, you’re left to rely on handouts and support from friends and family.

This situation is far from ideal, especially if you have a family and were the sole provider for your household. Purchasing disability insurance protects you and your family should this happen, and if you never need to use it, then that’s a bonus too.

Disability insurance is more expensive if you’re already disabled

If you already have a disability or are showing early signs of a health condition, then purchasing disability insurance will be more expensive. The cheapest disability insurance will be when you’re young and healthy, but many get caught out, thinking they are invincible and that insurance is a waste of money – don’t fall for this trap.

Invest and protect in you and your family’s future – even if you don’t pick up a disability and are unable to work, it’s best to be prepared, not relying on others for support and leaving friends and family to pick up the pieces despite your best efforts.

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