Finding malpractice insurance is one of the first tasks you have to accomplish when you are looking to pursue a practice in Optometry. As your patients come to you for treatment and services, they trust and hold you responsible for the health and care of their eyesight.


For starters, it is stated in the law that all practicing Optometrists must carry a malpractice insurance policy.
In an incident where you find that your patient is suing for negligence, this insurance shall protect you and your license. The malpractice insurance can cover what you need to defend yourself and prevent your practice from suffering the consequences of the lawsuit.
Going through a lawsuit procedure can cost you time and money. It can hurt many aspects of your practice and business. Having insurance can help against damages as a result of the lawsuit.
You can perform and provide better care to your patients with full confidence knowing you are protected.

Malpractice insurance for Optometrist cost less, generally, compared to other medical professionals. The cost depends on the state you are practicing in and the insurance company. Some carriers give discounts for recent graduates that are in their first year of practice.

In finding the right coverage for you, look for an insurance carrier that is confident, experienced, prepared and specialized in dealing with lawsuits against Optometrists. Some carriers are highly recommended and trusted by many seasonal Optometrist.

  • Look at their policies. Their policy must have a flexible program that would suit your practice as it expands.
  • Check if the policy covers all the services within your practice and scope of your state.
  • Discuss with them if the policy shall also cover the protection of your personal assets.
  • Learn about the “limits “(or the highest amount the insurance carrier will pay on each claim) that you can afford. It tells you how much protection the carrier could provide in any case.

Obtaining malpractice insurance is an essential, if not crucial, instrument for Optometrists to gain confidence and ease in their practices to reach their full potential. Find one someone whom you can trust. At Professional Insurance Plans, we take pride in making sure that our clients are well-protected at prices they can afford. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at  (859) 543-8955