When searching for a malpractice company or agent to represent you, it’s important to do your research. For example, if the company you sign with is financially unstable, they may be unable to pay out in the event of a claim or litigation process.

This article will discuss what you should look for in a malpractice company or agent, beginning with consent to settle.

Consent to settle 

Firstly, if the malpractice company or agent does not provide you with consent to settle, then you may end up losing control of a suit brought against you or your firm. You want to double-check this beforehand, ensuring you need to sign to give consent and to settle – this allows you to make the final decision, not the company or agent you’re with. 

Occurrence or claims made 

Second, occurrence or claims made should be your choice. It’s worth asking an insurance provider this beforehand, ensuring you remain in control, having the final decision between occurrence or claims – whatever best suits your individual needs.

Financial stability 

Third, it’s important to check whether or not the malpractice company or agent is financially stable. If not, they may be unable to support your claim financially, leaving you in a rather complicated situation. 


Forth, you need a strong defense. For example, if a malpractice case is pursued against you, ideally, you want malpractice experts working on your case. You can usually view the staff of a team by visiting their website. Alternatively, give them a ring or a visit and ask around, ensuring they’re the right choice for you and your firm or practice.

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Specialized service 

Finally, we have specialized service – you should be receiving hands-on expert help, ideally within your industry. For example, professional insurance plans specialize in healthcare and physician insurance, and are well versed in this industry. Ask your malpractice company or agent this beforehand, ensuring you’re in the most capable hands.

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